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Alfred's current mood: terribly confused.
American Flag by Brinatello

Cannon Relations

England |:. Alfred was practically adopted by Arthur, who raised him as a younger brother. After the revolution, things were tense between the two, however, they're very close again. America seems to truly care for England, and even though they have silly arguments quite often, they usually make up soon afterwards.

Russia |:. Ivan and Alfred never really used to 'get along.' During the Cold War, the relationship between the two was not close at all, in fact, they were practically at each other's throats most of the time. Even though the Cold War has ended, America still is somewhat wary of Russia, and he's convinced that's he's a communist still. even though admin ships them so much sfjgsdfg

canada stamp by Floryblue12
Canada who? |:. Canada is viewed as America's brother, but Canada is often confused for Alfred. Alfred often visits Matthew, and they like to go on long walks. They get along quite well, however, Mattie has some passive-aggressiveness towards Alfred's stupidity.

Japan |:. America tries to be friends with Kiku quite a bit. He loves sushi, pocky, ramen, and quite a few other Japanese foods. They share a fondness of computers and video games, and they hang out together quite a bit. When Japan was shifting out of his isolationist movement, Alfred was there for him, supporting him most of the way.

France |:. France and England fought over American territory when he was a little kid, and France later aided America in his revolution. They get along quite well, and Alfred was given the Statue of Liberty from France.

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So you wake up and Alfred's sleeping next to you.



and the home of the brave!
United States

The United States of America
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American Flag by Brinatello

Name |:. Alfred F. Jones
Appeared Age |:. 21-23 years
Actual Age |:. 236 years
Languages |:. English, Spanish, and a bit of French, but there are 311 different languages spoken in the U.S.
Relationship Status |:. Taken
Likes |:. burgers, eating, playing video games, watching scary movies, being a hero, race cars, { American} football
Dislikes |:. ghosts, non-heroes, buttheads, celery
Current President |:. Barack Obama

"I'm the HERO!"
Alfred is, well, a bit obsessed with heroes and video games. His favorite superhero is Captain America (duh). He spends a lot of his spare time playing video games or reading old Marvel Comics. Alfred has a secret collection of comic books, his oldest one dating back to the 1930s.
Aside from that, Alfred is a cheery, happy-go-lucky, only slightly chubby guy. His favorite foods are burgers and fries, but he'll eat anything otherwise. Except Marmite. God, not the Marmite.
When he's not busy doing his normal country-duty stuff, Alfred has discovered a love of archeology. His goal is to unearth a Charizard to prove that Pokemon actually do exist, and that the series is based off of valid historical documents. Alfred's best friend is Tony, a gray alien who he met and instantly bonded with. The two can often be found playing video games or binging on burgers.
He has piercing blue eyes (with glasses), and golden hair. Alfred has a stubborn strand of hair that refuses to lay flat.
Alfred's favorite outfit is an old, WWII bomber jacket with the number 50 on the back. The 50 stands for the fifty states, of course! At world meetings, Alfred wears the same outfit, but with a beige suit underneath for class. America is totally classy.

History Timeline
- 1607: The first permanent English settlement, Jamestown, is established by the London Company.
- 1620: More English pilgrims found the Plymouth Colony. The settlers sailed in on the Mayflower, and before leaving, the male passengers on the ship signed the Mayflower Compact, which formed the basis of the colony's government.
- 1754-1763: The French and Indian War. The British win, take Canada/all of the land east of the Mississippi, and start heavily taxing American colonists to get their money back.
- 1770: Boston Massacre. 5 Americans killed.
- 1773: Boston Tea Party; patriots dumped more than 300 crates of tea into the Boston harbor as an act of protest against the British Tea Tax.
- 1774: First Continental Congress meets
- 1775: American War for Independence officially starts.
- 1776: The Declaration of Independence is signed on July 4.
- 1783: England recognizes America as an independent country in the Treaty of Paris. The Revolutionary War officially ended on September 3.
- 1789: George Washington becomes the first American president.
- 1812-1814: War of 1812, America declares war on England due to British interference with American maritime shipping and westward expansion.
- 1861-1865: American Civil War. Greatest number of American deaths in a single war.
- 1914-1918: America joins WWI, and fought on the Allied side until the end of the war.
- 1920: Women receive the right to vote.
- 1941-1945: America joined WWII in 1940 after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
- 1946: Cold War begins
- 1950-1953: America sides with South Korea in the Korean Wars, fighting against USSR and North Korea.
- 1950-1975: Vietnam War; America sides with non-communist South Vietnam and fights against China/USSR/North Vietnam. Troops were withdrawn in 1975.
- 1958: First American satellite was launched.
- 1963: Cuban Missile Crisis


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